Experiencing Chinese Culture; A first hand account

[ writer:Daniel ]

I recently had the chance to attend an event in Shuangliu to experience some Chinese culture. The name of the event translates as “Home in Chengdu, culture in Tianfu”, it is an event that allows foreigners that live in the area to gather together and demonstrate their abilities in a number of different traditional Chinese tasks. The tasks I participated in were Chinese calligraphy, creating zongzi, Chinese sewing, creating Chinese artwork as well as playing a Chinese instrument. I also enjoyed watching some of the events that were prepared for the gathering including some traditional Chinese dancing that was created by a small ethnic group in China.


Each activity was taught by someone who was a master of the craft, they performed their tasks effortlessly as they undoubtedly had a plethora of experience to draw upon. Most of the foreigners attending were noticeably new to these tasks (Myself included), and struggled to imitate the master’s work. One of the things I enjoyed about attending was the enthusiasm of all the masters when attempting to demonstrate their craft. They obviously take great pride and pleasure in something that they have dedicated a lot of their time to.


Although I found the activities difficult, the event has provided me with encouragement in regard to trying to learn a new Chinese skill and I am excited about picking something I will enjoy and hopefully be good at.

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